TIG successfully held Annual general Meeting of Shareholders 2016

On April, 26, 2016 at Gland Plaza Hotel, 117 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, TIG held 2016 Annual general Meeting of Shareholders.
This meeting was attended by representatives of PYN ELITE FUND (NON – UCITS) investment fund  owning 17.81% of the TIG’s charter capital; leaders, journalists and press agencies such as Vietnam Securities Times, Vietnam Investment Review, CafeF, … and other invited guests.
The shareholders, delegates appreciated substantial growth of TIG in recent years, with the growth rate of total consolidated revenue reaching 355.26 billion, an increase of 107% compared to 2014;parent company’s total revenue reached 350.35 billion, a growth of 120% compared to 2014; Consolidated profit before tax reached 113.5 billion TIG, by 312% compared to 2014; parent company’s profit before tax reached 118.65 billion, by 394% compared to 2014. The achievement rate for profit target in 2015 is 112% (for the parent company), and 96% (for consolidated profit), although this figure was considered very ambitious. Revenue structure has gradually been allocated sensibly, revenue of real estate investments – the key business of the company contributed significantly high proportion of total sales (a spike in the revenue of real estate segment, reaching 184.05 billion and accounted for 52% of total revenue). Finance is healthy without bank debts, large cash, and low financing costs.
The atmosphere of the meeting was lively when discussing the new problems of TIG development plan as follows: evaluation, assessment of the potential investors about the company’s strategy; improvement of company’s brand, image and shareholder valueas well asdiscussion to loosen requirements for foreign investors to improve attractiveness and the liquidity of shares.
Annual general Meeting of Shareholders 2016 ended successfully with 100% voting rate fromExecutive Board and Supervisory Boardat the meeting.
Annual general Meeting of Shareholders elected members of the Board of Management and Supervisory Board members of the period from 2016 to 2021
With the great success of the Annual general Meeting of Shareholders 2016, TIG believes that the company will overcome the difficulties and challenges of the market in the coming period, and accomplish business targets proposed at Annual general Meeting of Shareholders 2016.
Some pictures of the Meeting.

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