TIG: Successful opening and sale of adjacent green houses TIG Dai Mo Project

On 6/6/2015, at The Real Estate Exchange of Thang Long Invest Group, the project of adjacent green houses TIG Dai Mo of Thanglong Invest Group (TIG) officially held the opening and sale ceremony.
The participants are the leadership of TIG – Project Investor of adjacent green houses TIG Dai Mo; Representative of the Real Estate Exchange of Thang Long Invest Group; Representatives of VPBank and An Binh Bank,… and the majority of investors, customers, etc.
The project of adjacent green houses TIG Dai Mo has been interested in by lots of investors and customers who have a real demand on housing due to the convenient location of the project. The project consists of 46 adjacent green houses located in the land in Dai Mo ward, South Tu Liem District, Hanoi (formerly known as Dai Mo ancient village). This is an available metropolitan area with full of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, in the center of a new urban development in the west of Hanoi, next to the new headquarter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and central ministries displaced from the inner city, far from the National Convention Centre about 2km, National Sports Center and My Dinh Urban Area, the Manor Urban Area, Me Tri about 2km. To go into Hanoi downtown, it only takes 7km, far from Noi Bai International Airport about 20km and from Big C Shopping Center, the Garden is only 1.5 km, … Therefore, although there had not much communications and not yet organizing the opening and sale, the project had previously almost 50% of the plots to be owned, mostly purchased for residence by the purchasers.
Because the particularity is the village land, existing streets, in the crowdedly-residential area and full conditions for life (absolutely different from the new urban areas separated from the residential area), the project shall be appropriate and attract families wishing to purchase for immediate residence. Concurrently, the selling price is calculated per m2 of construction floor area by average from 12-15 million VND /m2 (from 32 million/m2 of ground base), compared to the price of condominiums in the neighborhood from 23 million – 27 million VND /m2 of ground base; adjacent houses, villas are from 40 million – 80 million/m2 (in the areas such as Viglacera Dai Mo, Trung Van, Me Tri, My Dinh), the project TIG Dai Mo really attractive not only for purchasing house for residence but also being considered as an extremely-attractive investment for the future.
Representative of VPBank, Mr. Bui Quang Dao – Deputy Director, has highly appreciated the adjacent green houses TIG Dai Mo. In his opinion, the project is included full infrastructure, good investment services, especially the Investor’s reputation as well as strong capacity of the enterprise. In addition, with legal documents completely ensuring 100% of the project, VPBank is ready to disburse for the purchasers even after 2 days of procedures.
In this opening and sale occasion, TIG is expected to market only 10-15 adjacent green houses to additionally provide for the market the Real Estate Exchange, with many incentives only in this opening and sale occasion, in which the maximum discount by 5% for the customers who make 100% payment value. At the opening and sale session, VPBank and ABBank have provided the product of capital finance with preferential interest rate from 6.99% to 8% and not proving income, loan procedures for disbursement is within 2 days (it is required for ID card, family record book and marriage registration certificate, the loan procedure is completed), thus, many customers have registered for bank loans and have been supported by the banks for capital to have 100% payment.
Finishing the ceremony, there had more 15 adjacent green houses to be registered and subscribed by the customers.

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