TIG: Bustling festival "Mid-Autumn for you" and the charity trips to Phu Tho Province

“Mid-Autumn for you” was a jubilant, loving and meaningful event to all employees’ children at JSC Thang Long Investment Group. The event “Autumn for Kids” took place in the evening of 09/14/2016. Attended the event, there were Mr. Nguyen Phuc Long – President Group, the Board of Directors, the departments and nearly 100 children of TIG staff. Opening the program, the traditional lion dances was marvelous. The most attractive part was active games which received enthusiastic response and excitement from the children. Coming to the festival, the children were free to express their personality, ideas and creativity. To encourage hardworking spirit, the Board of Directors gave small gifts to the children with good academic performance. The program is one of the annual activities of the TIG, expressing concern and care of the company to the spiritual life of all company employees’ children. Also it is a commitment to sustainability, long term stability of the company to employees of the company.
In the chain of event “Mid-Autumn for you”, TIG executives also prepared and donated 150 gifts to poor children, children with disabilities in 3 wards – Trung Thinh, Dong Luan , Trung Nghia, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province on 09.15.2016. The delivery of the presents were timed to coincide with the camping festival held by People’s Committee for children in Mid-Autumn festival 2016. The ceremony took place with the support of enthusiastic comrades in People’s Committee of the commune. These were meaningful incentives and academic motivation, which encourage the children to overcome obstacles, help them to have a warm Mid-Autumn Festival with family and friends. These were also the warming support of employees at TIG and King’s Park Resort & Villas shared with local children in difficult circumstances.
On 08.25.2016, responding to “Fund for the Poor” letter by the provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee, Fatherland Front Committee of Phu Tho province launched in 2016, with the high amount of poverty in the province; the number of poor households was 37,600 households, of which 7,100 poor households living in temporary homes, unsafe during the rainy season, storms or prolonged heat, TIG and King’s Park Resort & Villas raised the amount of 30 million to support the fund. Traditional fondness of learning is always responded and kept at TIG. On 24.09.2016, at Awarding Ceremony of the best student of Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province, TIG executives donated 10 million to “Fondness of learning fund of Thanh Thuy district”.
Some pictures of Mid-autumn festival, and social and charitable activities of TIG:
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