The ceremony of Dong Quang Bridge: From Ba Vi – Hanoi via Vuon Vua Resort just over 3km

On 20 December, Dong Quang bridge crossing Da River connecting the Provincial Highway 414 with the Provincial Highway 317 (connecting from Da Chong, Ba Vi – Hanoi with Dong Luan Commune, Thanh Thuy District, Phu Tho Province) was inaugurated, circulated the traffic and put into use. This is a modern bridge at 1674m long, 10m wide, with a sense of politics, economy, society as well as an enormous spiritual sense.
The bridge connects Hanoi to Phu Tho and the Northwest Provinces, connecting Da Chong – K9, a sacred Ba Vi consisting of ancestral land of King Hung. With this bridge, the distance from Hanoi to the Thanh Thuy hot water tourist complex is about an hour of driving. In particular, the bridge from Ba Vi – Hanoi crossing Da River straight to the gate of Vuon Vua Resort and Villa project is about over 3km. The travel time from Hanoi along the Thang Long Avenue – ethnic Cultural Village – Provincial Highway 414 – Da Chong, Ba Vi – Vuon Vua Resort thereby is now only 50 minutes with a distance of 65km. The bridge is inaugurated at the right time when Vuon Vua Resort has jubilantly held activities of welcoming the New Year 2016 and receiving the tourists to come to entertain and enjoy the hot spring and openning the luxury garden villa resorts serving the needs on resort real estate investment by the investors.

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