Feedback the case of that Ms. Dao Thi Phuong’s slander and false information on the articles of

After posting the article on June 07, 2012: “Feedback of the article: Thang Long Invest Group: Are there any pitfalls of investors”, continued to post a new article pm June 15, 2012: “Thang Long Invest Group: Are there any pitfalls of investors – continued”. This article discussed the lawsuit between Hoa Thanh Corporation and Ms. Dao Thi Phuong & other shareholders. It claimed that Phu Tho Thang Long Invest Company purchased and sold shares of Hoa Thanh Corporation was illegal. In addition, on June 13, 2012, Ms. Dao Thi Phuong sued TIG about the false information and claimed the illegal share- acquisitions and used the assets of Hoa Thanh Corporation to cheat the investors.
Regarding to that article and the lawsuit of Ms. Dao Thi Phuong, TIG and Phu Tho – Thang Long Invest Company contined to ensure that those are one-way information; lacks of documents and legal basics which the authorities issued; replied and decided about the case & related people and ones of the authorities of Phu Tho Province. Moreover, it is identified that the case of Ms. Dao Thi Phuong lacked legal basic and captured the subjective view of the writer.
We confirmed that the internal disputes of Ms. Dao Thi Phuong and Hoa Thanh Corporation was not a matter of TIG & Thang Long Phu Tho Invest Company, thus we did not care about that matter, the truth was clearly defined in writing by People’s Court of Phu Tho Province, The Supreme People’s Court; Ministry of Planning and Investment, Department of Planning & Investment in Phu Tho Province. The related decision was publiced and it was confirmed that the lawsuit of Ms. Phuong had no legal basics and it was dismissed. It was also approved that the shares among the shareholders of Hoa Thanh Corporation had been freely and legally transferred.
Futhermore, the matter that the People’s Committee of Phu Tho Province gave the King Garden Resort Project to TIG and Thang Long Phu Tho Invest Company was also an independent decision of Phu Tho Province based on the capability of TIG as well as compliance with the provisions of Investment Law and relevant state law. It is not relevant to the matter of Hoa Thanh Corporation and the shareholders of that company. Therefore, we do not need to discuss more about that issue.
For full details; clear, objective and legal overview on our opinion that we confirmed, in order to help shareholders and authorities to better understand about the case, TIG cited an article of Vietnam Securities Times as below:

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