Hyundai Corporation announced TIG is the exclusive partner for electronic products and holds commercial right of Hyundai Electronics in Vietnam

On 10th December, Thang Long Invest Group (TIG) and Hyundai Corporation (Korea) official signed a contract: TIG becomes sole partner who owns commercial right of Hyundai electronics products in Vietnam.
The Signing Ceremony took place at Grand Plaza Hanoi with Mr. Nguyen Phuc Long Chairman and CEO represent for TIG and Mr. Kim Sung Soo – Vice Chairman of Hyundai Corporation. 03 (1) According to the signed contract, TIG became the sole partner in Vietnam who has right to import, assembly and distribute of Hyundai electronics and kitchen appliance products and owned License of Hyundai Electronics in Vietnam. The products developed by TIG in Vietnam market are genuine imported products that meet the standards of Hyundai Korea. The items will be deployed by TIG in Vietnam include: washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, induction cooker, infrared cooker, kettle, water purifier, water dispenser, electric equipments for the kitchen (toaster, coffee pot…) 04
Currently, Vietnam still has a number of organizations and individual produce and import counterfeit goods brand Hyundai and Hyundai Electronics. In particular, all popular products such as water purifier, water dispenser, induction cooker… that be distributed in Vietnam market at present time are counterfeit goods, copyright-infringing goods. Hyundai Corporation Korea authorized Thang Long Invest Group to make necessary legal actions in order to prevent illegal business activities. This authorization will protect Hyundai brand, clean up the market, ensure the benefit of customers and bring high-quality products that match with the international brand Hyundai to consumers.
At the ceremony, answering the questions of journalists, representatives of Hyundai Corporation and TIG stated: “All goods bring the Hyundai brand on the list above that be not imported, assembled and distributed by TIG or TIG’s legal representative of the product are counterfeit and violate the commercial right of Hyundai. Both sides suggested press agencies, investors, people providing information about Hyundai and Hyundai Electronics counterfeit and copyright-infringing goods through phone: 04 62 555 588. (TIG head office) or No. 04 3825-8858 (Hyundai Corporation Representative Office in Vietnam) or Email:

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