FC TIG – The Gioi Xe Dien won 2016 Student Football League CDP Cup

After nearly one month of exciting football matches, Hanoi Student Football League reached its final round between FC TIG – The gioi xe dien and FC Tu Chem. FC TIG – The gioi xe dien is the young football team of Thang Long Investment Group in which members’ age ranges from 18 to 20. Showing their amazing football skills, techniques and tactics, all the football players of FC TIG – The gioi xe dien contributed a breath-taking game to audience right from the beginning of the match. As a result, the team scored 2 goals within 10 mintutes of the first half by Phuc Son (4) and Van Hieu (9).

To be eligible for the final FC TIG – The gioi xe dien had:

Won 3-0 over FC Phu Duc

Won 7-0 over FC Cu Nghe

Lost 1-3 over FC TDH

–           Quarter-final: Won 5-4 over FC An Ga in penalty shootout after a tied 3-3 match.

–           Semi-final: Won 4-2 over FC ẠC

–           Final round: Won 5-4 over FC Tu Chem in penalty shootout after a 2-2 tie.


Despite being two goals ahead, FC Tu Chem still remained their defensive strategy with some quick counter-attacks putting the goalkeeper Van Vu (26) in many threatened situations. Among those situations, FC Tu Chem took advantage to make a 2-2 tie in the first half. The second half was filled with competitive spirit from both teams but neither had a chance to score a goal. As a result, the outcome of the game was determined by penalty shootout. FC TIG – The gioi xe dien won total five shots on goal with their powerful shot directly to the goal of FC Tu Chem. FC Tu Chem in return won 4 shots but failed for the last times. The result from the penalty shootout was 5-4 in favor of FC TIG – The gioi xe dien.


Consequently, the champion for Student Football League CDP has belonged to our talent young football team TIG – The gioi xe dien. With the enthusiasm of youth, solidarity and discipline, FC TIG – The gioi xe dien will go further.

Nguyen Sang.

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