Establishment and development process








Year 2001-2005

Start-up stage

Start-up established with charter capital: 700 million VND

On 8/8/2001, Thang Long Investment Group Joint Stock Company (formerly known as Thang Long Culture and Information Joint Stock Company – TIC media) was established by Mr. Nguyen Phuc Long with the initial charter capital. is 700 million dong (real capital is only a few tens of millions dong). As a pioneer enterprise in the field of socialization of television, press, and publishing, the company has quickly become one of the leading enterprises in the North in the fields of media, events and publishing.

From its initial successes, the Company quickly accumulated and developed assets, expanded its operations and invested in real estate and finance.

On March 4, 2005, Mr. Nguyen Phuc Long continued to establish Thang Long Investment Joint Stock Company (ThangLong Invest) operating in the field of real estate investment and business and financial investment; Began development and M&A of a number of real estate projects. The charter capital of the Company increased from VND 0.7 billion to VND 6 billion.

Year 2006-2010

Stage of Transformation

Chartered capital increased from VND 06 billion to VND 150 billion;

ThangLong Invest chaired and cooperated with VINACHEM, VINAPACO, VINAFOOD1, LILAMA, CIENCO4, SCB, PVFC to found Vietnam Industrial and Commercial Securities Joint Stock Company (VICS), licensed by the State Securities Commission. established and operated No. 88 / GP-UBCK on 11/1/2008, at the same time after nearly 2 years it has built and made VICS the 8th securities company to be listed on the Stock Exchange. Hanoi (HNX) on December 1, 2009, with the stock code as VIG;

Implemented restructuring, consolidation and merger of a group of co-owner companies in the fields of real estate, media, construction, finance and forming Thang Long Investment Group Joint Stock Company ( ThangLong Invest Group – TIG) follows the corporate model, investing in real estate projects, financial investment, M&A, and commercial services, and continuing to apply the corporate governance standards of listed businesses. and transforming TIG into a Public Company model;

On October 10, 2010, Thang Long Investment Group Joint Stock Company was officially listed on the HNX with the stock code TIG, the stock price reached more than 33,000 VND / share, bringing great profit. for shareholders and mobilize a large capital source on the stock market for investment and development projects;

In the field of real estate, TIG began to promote project development and land fund; establishing new projects, joint ventures, investment cooperation, successful M&A of many real estate projects such as Vuon Vua Resort & Villas; residential area of ​​the Economic Times; garden house adjacent to TIG Dai Mo; Hanoi ICT Building (Thang Long Royal Plaza); …

Year 2011–2015

Accumulation phase

Charter capital increased from 150 billion VND to 556.5 billion VND

Property accumulation; Expansion and rapid development of land fund; To preserve and develop equity capital; Overcoming the world financial crisis;

Developing business ecosystems with financial investment, financial consulting and business development, real estate development investment; owns 8 subsidiaries and affiliated companies with dozens of real estate projects, resources with land fund of hundreds of hectares of land in Hanoi and neighboring;

Successful restructuring, standing steadily in the period of market crisis 2010-2013, sustainable development with basic business foundations, healthy finance, no bad debt, especially in 2013 after TIG crisis has achieved sudden growth in revenue and profit compared to the previous year: Consolidated revenue reached VND 93.45 billion, up 249% compared to 2012; Consolidated pre-tax profit reached 10.45 billion, up 217% compared to 2012.

Continue to accumulate and develop new land bank and real estate projects such as: Dong Xuong Lake Tourist Area, Vantri Ecoland, Cuatung Beach Resort; …

Financial accumulation, preservation and development of equity capital through the world financial crisis, creating a foundation and driving force for development in the coming period.

Year 2016–2020

Tectonic Stage

The charter capital increased from VND 556.5 billion to VND 909.15 billion;

Started to invest in the development of projects, exploit the Land Fund and successfully construct typical works, products and services of the Group.

Focusing on completing existing project legal procedures and starting to invest in construction projects: TIG Dai Mo Green Garden, Vuon Vua Resort & Villas…;

Continuing to develop and successfully invest in owning new projects: TIG – Viettronics Ha Thanh; Accumulating more ownership of a land fund of nearly 30 hectares in Thanh Thuy hot mineral area (3 projects) and continuing to negotiate and research and develop a number of new projects with a land fund of hundreds of hectares in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Lang Son, Quang Tri, Phu Tho, Ho Chi Minh City…;

Successfully restructured the system of member companies and investment projects: Successfully transferred capital of ThangLong Royal Plaza, CuaTung Resort projects,…;

Restructuring the household industry system into HDE Holdings with brands Hyundai / HDE and a number of new brands in household electronics, refrigeration, electrical appliances, bathroom / kitchen equipment;

Create a potential business ecosystem, develop basic business lines: Essential consumer goods, green real estate, green energy:

Essential household goods: TIG signed with Hyundai Group to own the trademark and trademark of Hyundai electronics and M&A to own HUYNDAI VN CO., LTD; developing many lines of high-tech, eco-friendly products in the fields of: Consumer Electronics, Refrigeration, Kitchen Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Electric Wires and Cables with the brand HYUNDAI / HDE, HYUNDAI VN CO.LTD. Build a system of distributors and agents. Hyundai HDE products are all essential consumer products for social life;

Green energy: TIG started to participate in the field of renewable energy, with two wind power projects Thang Long Huong Son 1 and Thang Long Huong Son 2 with a total capacity of 80 MW in Quang Tri, and continued to seek power generation. developing a number of new renewable energy projects;

Green real estate: TIG aims to develop a green real estate product line on all its land and projects, creating well-known and effective products such as: Project TIG Dai Mo Green Garden (Hanoi) ; Vuon Vua Resort & Villas (Thanh Thuy Phu Tho) and other green real estate products in the near future!

Year 2021-2025

Stage Reaching

With a solid business ecosystem foundation and great potential after 20 years of accumulation and construction; With the spirit of self-reliant entrepreneurship, long-term vision and an ever-growing business enthusiasm, TIG is confident that the period of 2021 – 2025 will be a period of accelerating development and reaping results to become a corporation strong economy, affirms its position, role and contributes positively to the national economy.

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